Teaching and supervision


Since 2015 I've been teaching the following models at Goldsmiths:

Advanced Graphics and Animation

I have also taught at Goldsmiths:

Perception and Multimedia Computing

Audio-Visual Computing

Data Visualisation

I did some teaching at UCL 2010-2015:

Advanced Modelling, Rendering and Animation

Virtual Environment (Moodle Page)

PhD student:

Tara Collingwoode-Williams: Embodiment and VR


Janet Gibbs: Presence and sensori-motor contingency

Cristina Dobre: Machine learning driven Human-Character interaction in VR

Nima Jamalianardakani: Scientific Data visualisation and social VR


If you are interested in doing a PhD with me, please get in touch. There are some funding opportunities available via IGGI (http://www.iggi.org.uk/apply/). Please contact me first before applying.

UG/MSc Project supervision:

Generally, I am interested in projects with the theme of testing classic Social Neuroscience research questions in VR:

Typically, the project will start from reading classic neuroscience research problems, then try to replicate the experiment with Virtual Reality, using either Unity or Vizard. The student is also expected to involved in running some tests with a big projector screen, or an oculus rift.

Please contact me (x.pan at gold.ac.uk) if you are interested. I can forward you more detail or we can arrange a meeting to discuss some of the ideas.


Previous MSc/UG projects:


Jesus E. Russian - BSc in Creative Computing, Goldsmiths "The Bittersweet: An artistic approach towards understanding autism" [Videos]

Ayoub Hachoumi - BSc in Game Programming, Goldsmiths "Virtual Square Navigation - using Unity to create a Virtual Environment" (in collaboration with Antonia Hamilton, ICN, UCL)

Andrew Tao - BSc in Game Programming, Goldsmiths "A Dive into the Internal Horror: fear in Virtual Reality"

Anastasia Koleva - BSc in Computer Science, Goldsmiths, "Investigation of Human Spacial Navigation Patterns" (in collaboration with Dr Susanne Quaflieg, Psychology, University of Bristol)

Natasha Mason - BSc in Creative Computing, Goldsmiths, "Embodiment in Virtual Reality using Oculus Rift"

Andria Njoku - BSc in Computer Science, Goldsmiths, "World of Autism: Simulating in Virtual Reality the Alternative World of Autism"


Audrey Fontanet - MSc in CGVI, UCL “Experimental studies in people’s perspective taking in virtual reality” (in collaboration with Antonia Hamilton, ICN, UCL)


Yasaman Sepanj - BEng in Computer Science, UCL “Using Machine Learning to Explore Human-Avatar Conversation in Psychotherapy for Social Phobia” (co-supervised with Sebastian Riedel)

Sachin Pande - BEng in Computer Science, UCL “Human-avatar Interaction in Virtual Reality Psychotherapy for Social Phobia” (3dMax, Unity)


Kanxia Xu - MSc in CGVI, UCL “Virtual Reality in Psychotherapy for Social Phobia” (Unity)


Ranchida Khantong - MSc in CGVI, UCL “Exploring the Effect of Virtual Character Age in Moral Dilemma in VR” (3dMax, XVR)

{Ranchida Khantong, Xueni Pan, & Mel Slater (2015): An Experimental Study on the Virtual Representation of Children. Poster in IEEE VR 2015, Arles, France

[Webpage] [More info & Videos] }


Domna Banakou - MSc in CGVI, UCL “Experimental Studies in People’s Responses towards Blushing in Moral Dilemma” (Matlab, Adobe After Effect)

{see section 3: Pan, X., Banakou, D., & Slater, M. (2011). Computer based video and virtual environments in the study of the role of emotions in moral behavior. In Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (pp. 52-61). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. [Link]}