Professor Sylvia Xueni Pan

I am a Professor of Virtual Reality at Goldsmiths, University of London, where I co-lead the Goldsmiths Computing MA/MSc in Virtual and Augmented Reality, and the SeeVR Lab. My Coursera VR Specialisation has over 100,000 registered learners internationally. My research interest lies in the area of Virtual Reality technology and its applications in the areas of social neuroscience, psychology, training, and therapy.

I was a research fellow at the Hamilton Lab at Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (ICN), UCL and also the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics group (VECG), Computer Science, UCL where I remain an Honorary Research Fellow.

I received my PhD in Virtual Reality in 2009, at UCL, with Professor Mel Slater. It was fully funded by EPSRC and the Rabin Ezra Scholarship. I have an MSc in Vision, Imaging, and Virtual Environments (VIVE) from UCL 2004-5.

I moved to London in 2004 from Beijing where I grew up. I have an BEng in Computer Science from Beihang University. I attended Beijing Jingshan School and Beijing No.4 High School.

You can find my email on my Goldsmiths page.

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3rd Sep 2021 - I am panelist at the Bodies, Movement, and AI in VR Workshop at Goldsmiths. [Slides]

7th August 2021 - I have done a TEDx talk at GoodEnoughCollege

1st July 2021 - I gave a keynote at the Virtual Social Interaction Conference.

9th April 2021 - As part of Chinese Cinema Season in London, I hosted the VR Immersive Experience R&D Between the UK & China Panel discussion.

1st April 2021 - I hosted the What Makes Virtual Human Human Panel Discussion at IEEE VR 2021. You can see a recording here (4h 32' onwards)

27th March 2021 - As part of IEEE VR 2021, I was invited speaker at the VHCIE Workshop

Jan 2021 - I was featured in CGTN article "From the gaming world to the office: VR at work has become very real". Also see video tweet [here]


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